AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-01Updated to 1.9.0 releaseDimitri Kaparis
2017-01-29Updated to 1.6.2 releaseDimitri Kaparis
2017-01-29Modified download file name to avoid potential conflicts.Dimitri Kaparis
2016-10-13Updated to 1.6.2 releaseDimitri Kaparis
2016-06-05Added dependency packages.Dimitri Kaparis
2016-06-05Corrected icon file name to correspond to upstream .desktop fileDimitri Kaparis
2016-06-03Updated to 1.6.1 releaseDimitri Kaparis
2015-09-28Updated .SRCINFODimitri Kaparis
2015-09-28Bumped pkgrel to force updgrade PKGBUILD modifications.Dimitri Kaparis
2015-09-28Remove package .desktop file and use upstream's bundled in sourceDimitri Kaparis