AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-11-23Add libsodium dependencymrxx
2020-04-19Add pam build option; set supported archs to 'any'mrxx
2019-05-23Add virtualchroot build optionmrxx
2019-04-06Add bandwith throttlingmrxx
2019-04-03Update to v1.0.49mrxx
2019-03-26Update to v1.0.48mrxx
2019-01-28Include TLS 1.3 patch, set upstream url to https, update dependencymrxx
2017-11-05Fixed a bug in upstream crashing the daemon when logging in with a virtual usermrxx
2017-10-27Updated to v1.0.47mrxx
2017-04-29Updated to v1.0.46mrxx