AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-29Fix freetypeWilliam Gathoye
2019-01-20sendmail brought by postfix is needed to make the tests passWilliam Gathoye
2018-12-23Reenable testsWilliam Gathoye
2018-12-23Upgrade to 7.0.33William Gathoye
2018-10-20Upgrade to 7.0.32William Gathoye
2018-07-24Update SRCINFOWilliam Gathoye
2018-07-24Upgrade to 7.0.31William Gathoye
2018-07-03Sanitize PKGBUILD, simplify dirs and speed up build processWilliam Gathoye
2018-07-02patch freetype2 using pkg-config instead of freetype-configHa The Tung
2018-06-13Avoid clashes with system from official extra repoWilliam Gathoye