AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-03Upgraded to 2.16.3Bruno Galeotti
2020-01-10Update to upstream version 2.16.1Stefan Auditor
2020-01-10Update to upstream version 2.16.0Stefan Auditor
2019-09-29Upgraded to 2.15.3Bruno Galeotti
2019-06-09Upgraded to 2.15.1Bruno Galeotti
2019-05-18Update to upstream version 2.15.0Stefan Auditor
2019-01-13Support all PHP 7 versionsBruno Galeotti
2019-01-13Upgraded to 2.14.0Bruno Galeotti
2018-12-11Update to upstream version 2.13.1Bruno Galeotti
2018-08-23Update to upstream version 2.13.0Bruno Galeotti