AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-08Update SRCINFOPavan Rikhi
2020-01-08Remove gconf DependencyPavan Rikhi
2019-11-11Update to v3.1.0Pavan Rikhi
2019-08-18Fix Segmentation Fault Caused by NPM DependenciesPavan Rikhi
2017-09-18Fix Permissions Error in NPM Post-Install ScriptPavan Rikhi
2017-06-27Update to v3.0.4Pavan Rikhi
2017-06-19Add Missing DependenciesPavan Rikhi
2017-06-12Update to v3.0.3Pavan Rikhi
2017-06-04One More Attempt At Fixing Home-less BuildsPavan Rikhi
2017-06-04Try Another Fix for Users With No Home DirectoryPavan Rikhi