AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-02Run tests with xvfb-run, bump versionPhilipp Wolfer
2018-05-07Build with Meson instead of CMakePhilipp Wolfer
2018-03-29New upstream releasePhilipp Wolfer
2018-03-25New upstream release 1.3.0Philipp Wolfer
2018-02-16Take over changes from stable AUR packagePhilipp Wolfer
2017-12-03Bump version due to new upstream releasePhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-26Bump version due to new releasePhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-22Remove ImageMagick from optdepends.Philipp Wolfer
2017-11-16Set ENABLE_FILECHOOSERNATIVEPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-06Set -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=ReleasePhilipp Wolfer