AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-03-30check battery on any ifNotInterrupted call againChristian Münch
2021-03-23Fix/download packagesChristian Münch
2021-03-22Add missing dependency (pacman-contrib)Christian Münch
2021-03-22Change logic for hosts with a batteryChristian Münch
2021-03-03 Check that battery is chargedChristian Münch
2021-02-18Prevent the pacman subprocess from receiving interruption signalsChristian Münch
2021-02-05Randomize the timer to avoid multiple equipment upgrading at the same timeChristian Münch
2021-02-03Set nice level to the lowest levelChristian Münch
2021-01-30Actually run the function 'prepareEnvironment'Christian Münch
2021-01-30Check networkmanager is running before using nmcliChristian Münch