AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-23Update coding styleNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-03-18Add pre-compiled libraries into packageNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-03-17Limit architecturesNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-16Adjust makedepends to comply with the official dotnet-sdkNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-09Require dotnet-sdk>=3.1.100Nguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-09Renamed source to be unique in srcdirNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-09Add .gitignoreNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-09Opt out telemetryNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-08Completely rewrite the packageNguyen Chinh Huu
2020-01-01Depend on dotnet-sdk.Ammon Smith