AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-21bump to 5.10.3Sledge Sulaweyo
2020-02-21update to 5.10.2Sledge Sulaweyo
2020-01-18fix missing bracketSledge Sulaweyo
2020-01-12use bundler to install required gems as script does not include allSledge Sulaweyo
2020-01-05Update to 5.10.1Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-10-06Update to 5.8.5Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-05-26Bump to 5.8.2Sledge Sulaweyo
2019-02-28Update to 5.8.0Sledge Sulaweyo
2018-11-10small fixesSledge Sulaweyo
2018-10-21push 5.6.2Sledge Sulaweyo