AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysPrepare for Linux 5.11Michael Laß
2021-01-15Update to 1.8.7Michael Lass
2021-01-14Update patches for RX sequence ID bugMichael Lass
2021-01-14Fix RX bug triggered after 14.01.2021 08:25:36 UTCMichael Lass
2020-10-17Update for Linux 5.9Michael Lass
2020-07-21Prepare for Linux 5.8Michael Lass
2020-06-30Update to 1.8.6Michael Lass
2020-06-20Update to 1.8.6pre3Michael Lass
2020-06-08Compatibility with Linux 5.7Michael Lass
2020-05-19Update to actual 1.8.6pre2 and fix build with GCC 10Michael Lass