AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-09-10Adjust paths in .install, making sure to migrate the entire Odin2 directory (...Ryan Algar
2021-09-10Changes:Ryan Algar
2021-07-04Add .gitignoreRyan Algar
2021-07-04Fix VST path, add conflict with -bin packageRyan Algar
2020-11-05Fix LV2, fix Factory Presets, cleanupRyan Algar
2020-11-01Update .SRCINFORyan Algar
2020-10-31Update pkgrel variableRyan Algar
2020-10-31Edit installed LV2 filename to avoid unfindable plugin issuesRyan Algar
2020-10-28Just another test, no changesRyan Algar
2020-10-28Just a test, no changesRyan Algar