AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-19Forgot the srcinfoPol Marcet Sardà
2020-04-19Change source of the package.Pol Marcet Sardà
2020-02-13Fix new versioning systemPol Marcet Sardà
2019-04-12- Change the url to the new location, following oberon2007's suggestions.Pol Marcet Sardà
2019-01-17update due to url being movedPol Marcet Sardà
2018-12-22Change to repo: Marcet Sardà
2018-09-10upd urlBernhard Landauer
2018-08-15v3.1.0Bernhard Landauer
2018-02-07v3.0.3Bernhard Landauer
2018-02-04upd 3.0.2 incl. bugfix-commitBernhard Landauer