AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-24🐛 FIX:Diab Neiroukh
2020-11-04🐛 FIX: Correct package versioning (again)Diab Neiroukh
2020-11-04👌 IMPROVE: Switch to mimalloc for memory allocationDiab Neiroukh
2020-11-04🐛 FIX: Correct pkgver generation directoryDiab Neiroukh
2020-11-04🐛 FIX: Expose provides and switch to pkgver descibed by Git tagsDiab Neiroukh
2020-10-27🚀 RELEASE: Zest NGINX 1.19.4Diab Neiroukh
2020-05-02🐛 FIX: Checkout boringssl_next for quiche to include the Clang fixDiab Neiroukh
2020-05-02🚀 RELEASE: Use newer quicheDiab Neiroukh
2020-05-02🐛 FIX: Add gperftools (libtcmalloc) dependancyDiab Neiroukh
2020-05-02👌 IMPROVE: Use TCMalloc for improved memory allocationsDiab Neiroukh