AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-11-08Bump to 1.20.0 and add libunitKawaiDesu
2020-08-17Bump to 1.39.0KawaiDesu
2020-05-09Fix default tmp pathKawaiDesu
2020-04-20Bump to 1.17KawaiDesu
2020-02-13Fix forgotten .SRCINFO for 1.15.0KawaiDesu
2020-02-13Bump to 1.15.0KawaiDesu
2019-11-20Bump to 1.13.0 and enable nodejsOleg Vasilev
2019-10-22Bump to 1.12.0, adding support for Ruby, Perl and TLSOleg Vasilev
2019-02-17new version 1.7.1-1 (security update)Julian Brost
2018-11-16new version 1.6-1Julian Brost