AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-13Updated to version 0.8.2Marius Orcsik
2020-05-24Updated to v0.8.1Marius Orcsik
2020-04-23Making scdoc be a make dependencyMarius Orcsik
2020-04-23Making scdoc not be an optional dependency, thanx to @vmalMarius Orcsik
2020-04-20Use better tag for v0.8.0Marius Orcsik
2020-04-20Updated to version v0.8.0Marius Orcsik
2018-03-05Update to v0.7.1Marius Orcsik
2018-02-21Updated to v0.7.0Marius Orcsik
2017-07-07Updated to v0.6.1Marius Orcsik
2017-05-14Update to 0.6.0Marius Orcsik