AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-21Upgrade to version 2021.2006Plague Doctor
2020-09-10Upgrade versionPlague Doctor
2020-08-12Upgrade to version 2020.1919Plague Doctor
2020-07-26Add arm64 architecture.Plague Doctor
2019-09-21Fix Java environment issue.Plague Doctor
2019-06-20Upgrade to version 2019.1880Plague Doctor
2019-04-19Upgrade to version 2019.2 (1868)Plague Doctor
2019-01-31Upgrade to version 2019.1.1855Plague Doctor
2019-01-15Upgrade to version 2019.1847. Java 11 requiredPlague Doctor
2018-11-15Upgrade to version 2017.1706Plague Doctor