AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-07-19Add sdl to makedepends (should always have been)Matti Niemenmaa
2016-07-09Very hackily patch some zero division issuesMatti Niemenmaa
2016-07-09Hackily patch some integer overflow issuesMatti Niemenmaa
2015-10-04Update URL to point to an actually existing repoMatti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Drop obsolete "Maintainer" commentMatti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Don't override externally given CFLAGSMatti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Hacky patch for buffer overflow issuesMatti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Link with -Bsymbolic to reduce symbol leak issuesMatti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Split into bin (mdxplay-git) and lib (mdxmini-git)Matti Niemenmaa
2015-07-14Patch away annoying warning from makeMatti Niemenmaa