AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysRe-add Linux host application as it builds again.Omar Pakker
2021-01-20Add dependency on libxss. Dependency added upstream by commit ee8c883.Omar Pakker
2021-01-18Add wayland-protocols makedepends itemOmar Pakker
2020-10-17Streamline & clean PKGBUILD contents a bit moreOmar Pakker
2020-07-24Add kernel module header file. This file was introduced at some point.Omar Pakker
2020-05-26Remove c-host patch as it has been broken with the rename of c-host to host. ...Omar Pakker
2020-05-23Update build process to latest commit; LGMP repo submodule location moved, c-...Omar Pakker
2020-04-15Remove -O0 override, issue was fixed upstream.Omar Pakker
2020-03-28Update to be able to build against the latest revision and package the OBS pl...Omar Pakker
2019-07-25Update upstream version number representation so we hopefully do not have to ...Omar Pakker