AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-11-19bump to 5.9.9greg2010
2020-08-25bump to version 5.8greg2010
2020-05-04kernel 5.6.10-arch1greg2010
2020-04-06update to 5.6.2-arch1greg2010
2020-03-27bump kernel to 5.5.13-arch1greg2010
2020-03-24correct cosmetic .SRCINFO url changegreg2010
2020-03-23version bumpgreg2010
2020-03-01Revert "major overhaul and updated version to 5.5.7.arch1"annguyenfoss
2020-03-01roll back to 5.5.6 as upstream has not officially released 5.5.7annguyenfoss
2020-03-01major overhaul and updated version to 5.5.7.arch1annguyenfoss