AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-04Add ffmpeg and sdl2 as depedencies. Thanks @LuckiMike Swanson
2021-01-02Update to 1.4.1Mike Swanson
2020-06-22Update to 1.4.0Mike Swanson
2019-08-09Seems like a good time to update it.Mike Swanson
2019-06-30Update for new 32-bit supportMike Swanson
2019-06-24Some nice compatibility updatesMike Swanson
2019-06-18Update for post-wine branch mergeMike Swanson
2019-06-05Update to the new autotools-based system, add lib32-libtas as optdependsMike Swanson
2019-04-10rebased 1.3.4, added git as makedependsMike Swanson
2019-04-08Update for 1.3.4Mike Swanson