AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-05Bumped to 2.7.2Gianluca Montecchi
2017-12-11Updated to upstream versionGianluca Montecchi
2017-07-10Fixed md5sumGianluca Montecchi
2017-06-20Updated to latest upstream (2.7.0)Gianluca Montecchi
2017-03-01Changed PREFIX to /usrGianluca Montecchi
2016-10-08Bumped to 2.6.4Gianluca Montecchi
2016-01-07Changed PREFIX to /usrGianluca Montecchi
2015-12-10Updated package levelGianluca Montecchi
2015-12-06Installation path passed as a qmake argumentGianluca Montecchi
2015-12-06Revert "The installation path is now passed as a qmake argument"Gianluca Montecchi