AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-10Fix nvenc on older gpusAlexandre Demers
2021-04-30Update to 4.4Alexandre Demers
2021-04-02FS#70010 remove obsolete libsrt fix and update version restriction on x264Alexandre Demers
2021-03-28Update the x265 and x264 version dependencies.Alexandre Demers
2021-03-27Update to 4.3.2Alexandre Demers
2021-01-27Sync with dav1d 0.8.1, remove omx, change libsrt patch and add some dependenciesAlexandre Demers
2020-11-22Rebuild against latest lib32-vmaf 1.5.3Alexandre Demers
2020-09-28Fix issue 8760 - building against libstr 1.4.1 and newerAlexandre Demers
2020-08-14Enforce x264 >= 160Alexandre Demers
2020-08-13Rebuild against updated x264Alexandre Demers