AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-02update to v0.8.1Lukas Grossar
2020-05-01upgrade to kind v0.8.0Lukas Grossar
2020-01-14upgrade to v0.7.0Lukas Grossar
2019-12-04update to v0.6.1Lukas Grossar
2019-11-18update to v0.6.0Lukas Grossar
2019-08-22bump to v0.5.1Lukas Grossar
2019-08-21update to kind v0.5.0Lukas Grossar
2019-07-01bump to v0.4.0Simon Weald
2019-06-11add bash completion and add tongpu as a co-maintainerSimon Weald
2019-05-22bumped to v0.3.0Simon Weald