AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-12-10Version 0.8 from upstream. Removed untested architectures.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-12-07Release 0.7.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-11-08Updated for latest push to fix build due to missing include file.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-11-06Release 0.6.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-24Fix namcap errors. Use bundled libjb.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-24Fix warnings from namcap: Install LICENSE file and remove redundantJeffrey E. Bedard
2016-10-10Release 0.5.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-09-28Remove dependency on gc. Only declare xterm provision.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-09-18Updated for 0.4 release.Jeffrey E. Bedard
2016-09-17Added libutempter dependency. Added xvt and rxvt to provides. BumpedJeffrey E. Bedard