AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-11-28Fix path to JVM version patchZach Himsel
2020-11-28Update to 2.18.0 and patch JRE version checkZach Himsel
2020-09-09Add icon to .desktop fileZach Himsel
2020-09-09Fix backup files settingZach Himsel
2020-09-09Sort thingsZach Himsel
2020-09-09git: Ignore all files; force-add onlyZach Himsel
2020-09-09Fix broken KVM consoleZach Himsel
2020-07-29Version bumpMoritz Kaspar Rudert (mortzu)
2020-02-22Go back to v2.16.0.Donald Webster
2020-02-19Update to v2.17.0.Donald Webster