AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-12Provide opencl-driver; clarify that this is a legacy driverIvan Shapovalov
2018-01-19Update to 5.0-63503.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-04-22Update to 4.1francoism90
2017-03-13Bump to r4.0-59481.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-13Update .SRCINFO.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-11-12Bump to 3.0.r57406.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-09-02Bump to v2.0.54425.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-07-01Use as skeleton for related intel-opencl package with GPU drivers.Ivan Shapovalov
2016-05-05PKGBUILD improvements (2)ava1ar
2016-05-05PKGBUILD improvementsava1ar