AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-08New version 3.0.2imlonghao
2018-04-18feat(hyper-bin): update to 2.0.0Ryan Dowling
2018-04-08chore: add in gitignores for non build related files and chmod +xRyan Dowling
2018-04-08chore(hyper-bin): remove canary replacementRyan Dowling
2018-04-08fix(hyper-bin): update dependencies to match the debRyan Dowling
2018-04-07chore: cleanup packagesRyan Dowling
2018-04-06fix: fix bad md5sumRyan Dowling
2018-04-06chore: switch back to stable releaseRyan Dowling
2018-04-06feat: initial commitRyan Dowling
2016-05-31Add libvirt dependencyJustin Dray