AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-08-21Remove ko.dic and left only ko_KRMoon Sungjoon
2021-08-20Fix convert to qtwebengine dictionaryMoon Sungjoon
2021-08-19Remove qtwebengine dict convertMoon Sungjoon
2021-08-19Remove building process, Update PKGBUILD.Moon Sungjoon
2021-08-19Fix symbolic linkMoon Sungjoon
2021-08-07Remove License 'custom' and cleanup codeMoon Sungjoon
2020-11-19added symlinks and licenses && .SRCINFOOctopusET
2020-11-19added symlinks and licensesSungjoon Moon
2019-10-11add .SRCINFOOctopusET
2019-10-11fixed PKGBUILD errorOctopusET