AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-17Polished little bit more build dependencies.Josef Vybíhal
2020-12-16Added build deps and libappindicator-gtk3 as dependencyJosef Vybíhal
2020-12-16Fix buildJosef Vybíhal
2020-12-16Release 1.3.7Josef Vybíhal
2020-06-05Version bump, temporarily switched to specific commit that fixes building wit...Josef Vybíhal
2020-04-01gSTM v1.3.5.1: The not-really release.Josef Vybíhal
2020-03-28gSTM v1.3.4 released on Nov 3, 2019Josef Vybíhal
2019-09-09Updated conflictsJosef Vybíhal
2019-09-09Added gitignore and clean.shJosef Vybíhal
2019-07-30Replaced hardcoded version string in source url with pkgver variableJosef Vybíhal