AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-27cmake was added to makedepends.Peter Ivanov
2020-11-27Adapted to cmake.Peter Ivanov
2020-01-21SHA256 sums were added.Peter Ivanov
2018-08-11Uses git after disabling $HOME.Peter Ivanov
2017-03-08SRCINFO updated.Peter Ivanov
2017-03-08Dependency of qt5-svg was added.Peter Ivanov
2016-11-25URL fixed.Peter Ivanov
2016-11-25Dependency of gnuradio-osmosdr was added.Peter Ivanov
2016-04-27Dependency of QT5 was added. gr-osmosdr-git is optional dependency from now on.Peter Ivanov
2015-07-03git pre-commit hook was added.Peter Ivanov