AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-30returned to Qt4. Couldn't compile otherwiseL.G. Sarmiento
2019-11-22updated to 6.0.0L.G. Sarmiento
2019-10-09merged branchesL.G. Sarmiento
2019-10-095.3.2 compiles with qt5 nowL.G. Sarmiento
2019-07-02url updateL.G. Sarmiento
2018-11-23updated to 5.3.2L.G. Sarmiento
2018-10-08changed to sha256 instead of md5L.G. Sarmiento
2018-08-03now uses Qt4 and compiles with c++17 as ROOTL.G. Sarmiento
2018-03-23updated to 5.3.0. Requires ROOT compiled with cxx14L.G. Sarmiento
2018-02-14no ROOT6 warnings, now QT5L.G. Sarmiento