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2020-03-10upgpkg: feedreader-git 2.10.0.r2908-1asm0dey
2019-10-22upgpkg: feedreader-git 2.10.0.r2894-1asm0dey
2019-09-02Version bumpasm0dey
2019-03-15c&p fail (
2019-03-01Masahiro rebase plx? (
2019-02-23put code that worked where the code that didn't used to be (http://whatthecom...asm0dey
2019-02-14Locating the required gigapixels to render... (
2019-02-10TODO: Replace placeholder code (
2019-01-24restored deleted entities just to be sure (
2019-01-08Done, to whoever merges this, good luck. (