AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-22update srcinfoCastix
2021-05-22patch to disable jack support
2021-01-24correct versionAbdo Roig-Maranges
2020-05-03install in /opt/extempore-git instead of /opt ; fix assets build for upstream...Vincenzo Castiglia
2018-07-14remove patch that got merged upstreamAbdo Roig-Maranges
2018-07-14bump versionAbdo Roig-Maranges
2018-07-14fix llvm build with new gccAbdo Roig-Maranges
2018-02-04make sure we download the assetsAbdo Roig-Maranges
2017-12-02fix buildAbdo Roig-Maranges
2017-07-28the vim plugin is troublesome. do not install itAbdo Roig-Maranges