AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-11Removed espeak from provides, refactored pkgver() function to comply with vcs...Kyle
2019-10-08Fix providesKyle
2019-10-07Minor changes based on user feedbackKyle
2017-04-27Override MAKEFLAGS, because espeak-ng doesn't support simultaneous make jobs.Kyle
2016-04-02Added aarch64, tested and workingKyle
2016-02-08New dependency pcaudiolib-git. Also adding armv6h and armv7h architectures.Kyle
2016-02-02Fixed .srcinfo, hopefully.Kyle
2016-01-20Added libsonic-git as an optional dependencyKyle
2016-01-10No longer creating the espeak symlink to the espeak-ng binary, as the build a...Kyle