AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-04Add .gitignore fileEsben Haabendal
2019-11-04Workaround to allow use with emacs-noxEsben Haabendal
2019-11-02Make sure git is available for cloning repoEsben Haabendal
2019-10-30Update to 2.8.3.r7.d5c777298cd8Esben Haabendal
2018-06-07Update to 2.7.3.r0.ad5bb005ed3aEsben Haabendal
2017-12-18Update to 2.7.0.r11.05338d8Esben Haabendal
2017-12-18Rename github org/repo internal variablesEsben Haabendal
2017-12-18Dependency on dash was dropped before 2.6.0Esben Haabendal
2017-09-30Update to 2.6.0Esben Haabendal
2017-09-30Unset EMACS environment variableEsben Haabendal