AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-25Version update 4.8.0Ted Alff
2018-06-10Version bump photon RC3Ted Alff
2018-06-06Update to Photon RC2Ted Alff
2017-11-06Version bump: 4.7.1aTed Alff
2017-09-27Versio update Oxygen-1Ted Alff
2017-09-13Update Oxygen.1-RC3Ted Alff
2017-06-30Remove install fileTed Alff
2017-06-30Use the new commonify script (python instead of ruby). Make sure depends are ...Ted Alff
2017-06-27Version update. Make it easier to only build the packages you want.Ted Alff
2017-06-11Version update: Oxygen RC3Ted Alff