AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-09-26don't checkout apbuild submoduleToadKing
2020-09-19build with clang and new dependencies from upstreamToadKing
2020-07-15bump versionToadKing
2020-07-14add gitignoreToadKing
2020-07-13PKGBUILD cleanupToadKing
2020-07-06fix SRCINFO file not being up-to-dateToadKing
2020-07-05fix builds with new submodule dependencyToadKing
2017-10-24make gtk2/gtk3/ffmpeg opt+makedepends and don't pre-select any pluginsSoukyuu
2016-03-13quote srcdir and pkgdir to avoid issues with spacesSoukyuu
2015-06-08initial AUR4 commitSoukyuu