AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-25Add missing submodulesJames Brink
2019-07-22Update submodules fixing buildJames Brink
2019-07-17Fix character encoding issues on OpenSSL cert filenamesJames Brink
2019-07-16Remove git commit reference for stable buildsJames Brink
2019-07-12Remove -j flags from make and fixed tab spacingJames Brink
2019-07-09Update PKGBUILD - added conflicts for darling and darling-dkmsJames Brink
2019-06-02Remove un-needed patch fileJames Brink
2019-05-30Increment package releaseJames Brink
2019-05-30Update contribuor comment in PKGBUILDJames Brink
2019-05-30Fix builds for kernels < 5.1James Brink