AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-02Bump pkgrel to trigger buildJulian Raufelder
2021-05-02Build Cryptomator from sourceJulian Raufelder
2021-04-21Update .SRCINFO as well for 1.5.15 releaseJulian Raufelder
2021-04-21Update to 1.5.15 and switch to Github release as sourceJulian Raufelder
2021-04-04Update to 1.5.14Aaron Graves
2021-02-25Upstream changed checksum againAaron Graves
2021-02-24Update to 1.5.13Aaron Graves
2021-02-20Upstream changed checksumAaron Graves
2021-02-04Update to 1.5.12Aaron Graves
2020-12-20Update to 1.5.11Aaron Graves