AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-09-11fixed deps in .SRCINFODoug Elkin
2020-09-10version bumpDoug Elkin
2020-09-09multiple changes:Doug Elkin
2020-06-07Updated to the latest version. Manual post-install action required after inst...Aliaksandr Stelmachonak
2020-05-12Update to the latest versionAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2020-04-05Updated to latest version; Added simlink for sommelier binary to /usr/binAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-12-22Added workaround for Stelmachonak
2019-12-22Updated to address current issues/errorsAliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-12-21Added systemd unit for dhcpcd server on eth0Aliaksandr Stelmachonak
2019-12-13Updated to latest version; Remove duplication for cros-sommelier-override.con...Aliaksandr Stelmachonak