AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysfix depends - arch linux has removed the "provides wxgtk" from package wxgtk2Uffe Jakobsen
2020-09-17MySql dbsupport temporary disabled (-DWITH_MYSQL=0) because of problem with i...Uffe Jakobsen
2020-09-16Fix typo in wx_config script nameUffe Jakobsen
2020-07-27clean upUffe Jakobsen
2020-02-28Update to CodeLite version 14.0Uffe Jakobsen
2019-10-09Apply cmake list hack to work around harfbuzz hb.h inclusion problemUffe Jakobsen
2019-05-27Update to codelite version 13.0Uffe Jakobsen
2019-04-09Damn - forgot updated SRCINFOUffe Jakobsen
2019-04-09Applied mariadb-libs patch - thanksUffe Jakobsen
2018-03-02Update to version 12.0.0Uffe Jakobsen