AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-29Updated to clightd 5.1.Federico Di Pierro
2020-12-22Small PKGBUILD fixes ported from clightd 5.0.Federico Di Pierro
2020-12-22Updated to clightd 5.0.Federico Di Pierro
2020-06-27Updated to clightd 4.2Federico Di Pierro
2020-05-24Bumped to Clightd 4.1.Federico Di Pierro
2019-11-26Actually build SCREEN module.Federico Di Pierro
2019-11-24Updated to 4.0Federico Di Pierro
2019-03-16Updated to 3.4Federico Di Pierro
2019-01-26Updated to 3.2Federico Di Pierro
2019-01-07Added conflict array.Federico Di Pierro