AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-19Update to 19.2.6 (empty file list in webui: Fulz
2020-02-07Update 19.2.5Matthias Fulz
2019-12-25missing lsb-release added as makedepMatthias Fulz
2019-12-04Renamed bareos-web-ui to bareos-webui. Added mkdir -p buildMatthias Fulz
2019-10-23Renamed bareos-webui to bareos-web-ui because of existing one in aurMatthias Fulz
2019-10-23Updated .SRCINFOMatthias Fulz
2019-10-23Bugfixing. Added bareos-webuiMatthias Fulz
2019-10-23Update to 18.2.6Matthias Fulz
2018-09-02Update to 17.2.7Michael Spradling
2018-06-20Fixed for lintMichael Spradling