AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-07Switch from OSS version to CEZachary Michaels
2019-12-15Update to 6.16.0Mike Pento
2019-08-17update to 6.11.6, added .gitignoreMike Pento
2019-06-20Update to 6.10.4Mike Pento
2019-05-21Update to 6.10.1Mike Pento
2018-10-13updated to 6.5.0Mike Pento
2018-10-07Updated to 6.4.1Mike Pento
2018-09-12Update to 6.3.3Mike Pento
2018-08-25Update to 6.3.0Mike Pento
2018-08-25Update to 6.2.0, fixed PID file location.Mike Pento