AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-15Updated to 9.880.1.Joey Dumont
2020-05-04Removed cuda dependency, as it's not strictly a dependency, but simply someth...Joey Dumont
2020-04-24Updated to v9.870.2.Joey Dumont
2020-04-15Updated to v9.860.2.Joey Dumont
2020-03-31Updated to v9.860.1.Joey Dumont
2020-02-11Updated to v9.850.1.Joey Dumont
2020-01-26Updated to v9.800.4.Joey Dumont
2019-12-07Updated to v9.800.3.Joey Dumont
2019-11-02Updated to 9.800.2.Joey Dumont
2019-10-11UPdated to v9.800.1.Joey Dumont