AgeCommit messageAuthor
29 min.Dependencies put in package() as only required for run and not buildKppqju77
5 daysUpdate to be compliant with extra-x86_64-buildKppqju77
5 daysUpdate to 30_r01Kppqju77
2019-12-19update to r04Skycoder42
2019-09-15updated to SDK 29 r03Skycoder42
2018-09-14updated to 28_r06Skycoder42
2018-03-03upgpkg: android-platform 27_r01-2Joaquin
2018-02-25Update checksumTatsuyuki Ishi
2018-02-19upgpkg: android-platform 27_r01-1Joaquin
2018-02-14upgpkg: android-platform 27_r01-1Joaquin