AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-01Update to version 2.18.7Uncle Hunto
2019-11-16Update to 2.18.5, start using arch packageUncle Hunto
2018-10-17Update to 2.17.2Uncle Hunto
2018-08-15Update to 2.16.3Uncle Hunto
2018-07-23Update to 2.16.1Uncle Hunto
2018-06-21Fix arch infoUncle Hunto
2018-06-21Update to 2.15.2, cleanup PKGBUILDUncle Hunto
2018-06-16Update to 2.15.1Uncle Hunto
2018-06-11Update to 2.14.5Uncle Hunto
2018-06-03Update to 2.14.4Uncle Hunto