AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-04-15depend only on libldapMantas Mikulėnas
2021-02-22release 0.9.1Mantas Mikulėnas
2020-11-30bump commitMantas Mikulėnas
2020-11-30remove intltool as it seems to be unusedMantas Mikulėnas
2020-11-30change upstream URL to GitLabMantas Mikulėnas
2020-11-30add missing dependencyMantas Mikulėnas
2020-04-15bump to Git master againMantas Mikulėnas
2020-04-15release 0.9.0Mantas Mikulėnas
2020-04-15update sources for fd.o GitLabMantas Mikulėnas
2019-02-22bump to current Git masterMantas Mikulėnas